April 21, 2009

ISPS Code in Tanjung Priok Port Terminate Dec’09

ISPS Code in Tanjung Priok Port Terminate Dec’09

Port user needs not only the quick of load and unload goods and ship. More important are ship security and goods in the port.

Since July 24th 2004, Indonesia entered new phase the implementation of SOLAS convenci 1974 (safety of life at sea) it was amended in 2002. Said AmbarWiyadi, Public Relation of Tanjung Priok port to ISG recently in Jakartta. Ambar was asked to tell about ISPS code in Tanjung Priok Port.

“Every port and ship owner ought to increase security, guided security system is IMO standard” added Ambar Wiyadi it means ; not only anticipate toward danger, but must be oriented toward the use of transportation facility as median of terrorist goal in line with this, all port facilities which serve international ships has to implement ISPS code, it is inclusive Tanjung Priok Port since July 1st 2004 has implemented ISPS code.

In order to implement ISPS code, Tanjung Priok Port Cooperate with bureau veritas Indonesia as recognized security organization. ISO assessment toward security to port facility then continued with audit internal at security assessment, it was agreed by the department of transportation as Designated Authority (DA).

Finally in June 25th 2004 management at Tanjung Priok branch received ISPS code certificate temporary it was followed with internal audit conducted by DA in December 2004.

Opportunity that has been given to Tanjung Priok management received ISPS code till December 2009 (5 years). The statement was written in the statement of compliance of a port facility numbe 02/2009DV, dated January 5th 2009 issued by the government.

Before implementation ISPS code, June 10th, 2004 there was fried out (soft opening). For the first stage to control and secure toward foods, vehicle, man and ship store in all gate of line 1 (restricted area) in yard, warehouse and pilling yard and socialization, to all port user service.

For security in passenger port Nusantara I and II facilitated with xray baggage and walk through detector said Ambar Wiyadi (BF/Mm)

Indonesia Shipping Gazette - April 20, 2009

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