April 21, 2009

Govt eyes non-tax revenues from shipping


Govt eyes non-tax revenues from shipping

The government is sent to boost non-tax revenues (PNBP) from the shipping and seaport service sectors.

That decision was stipulated through Government Decree (PP) No. 6/2009 on types of Non-Tax State Revenues that is enacted by the Ministry of Transportation. The PP was signed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in January.

Included in PNBP from seaport services are vessel services such as anchoring services, piloting services, tugging services at piers for private needs (DUKS), general and special port services, and berthing services.

Concerning goods services, PNBP includes those from pier services, stockpiling services, port equipment services, and other port handling services like land renting, seawaters and ground space utilization and water services, services of passenger terminals, and entry pass services.

Beside the sea transportation sector, PNBP also comes from navigation services like the utilization of navigation supporting facilities, the renting of navigation yard facilities and telecommunication services, and health examination and evaluation of shipping work environment.

The PP became effective 30 days after it was issued. Beside the sea transportation, the PP also regulates PNBP from land transportation, and the education and training in the transportation sector.

Johnson W. Sucipto, chairman of the Indonesian National Shipowners’ Associations (INSA), admitted that the regulation was shocking shipowners because they had never been involved in its socialization.

“We were informed about the issuance this regulation just on February 17 when we attended a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation, while it became effective one day earlier,” Johnson said.

Meanwhile, at Tanjung Priok Port, the regulation was implemented in order follow up on the circular issued by Tanjung Priok Administrator to all users of port services and all associations related the port.

Shipping Times - March 10, 2009

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